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Case Study: Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

The Wilson family decided to purchase a home in an area of Florida where they often vacationed, and asked JDJ to assist them with this undertaking. The JDJ team worked with the Wilsons to facilitate the purchase and set up of a beachfront home, including establishing a separate legal entity to hold the property anonymously. Once the prospective property was identified, JDJ negotiated the purchase price as well as the purchase and sale agreement on behalf of the family.

Although buying the house outright was an option, JDJ arranged financing so the Wilsons could take advantage of favorable interest rates and tax deductions. After the inspection and purchase of the house were finalized, JDJ worked with the family to hire an architect and subsequently oversaw the budget and timeline of a multi-million dollar renovation. We worked with an insurance broker to arrange adequate coverage for the home from the point of purchase through the renovation, making sure the policies were updated throughout the process.

Upon completion of the renovation, JDJ coordinated the move of several pieces of valuable artwork and heirloom furniture from the family’s Massachusetts residence. We set up utilities, created a vendor list and home maintenance schedule, and ultimately hired and trained a house manager to oversee the property on an ongoing basis. The Wilsons are thrilled with their new home and are grateful to the JDJ team for providing a turnkey solution.

Personal Accounting and
Net Worth Reporting

Mr. Edward was a very busy man with a family, two homes and multiple business ventures. As one of his ventures evolved, the complexity of Mr. Edward’s day-to-day activities increased.

Building Meaningful

Jane and Joseph Cooper were referred to JDJ by their accountant, who knew their household employment situation was in disarray.

Trust and Estate

Mr. Jones had a complicated estate plan consisting of multiple trusts. In addition, he had a disabled child who would benefit from a special needs trust.

Tax Planning and

It was September 30th and Ms. Murphy’s tax accountants desperately needed long overdue information to complete her very complicated tax return by the October 15th deadline.

Wealth Analysis Tools
and Reporting

Mr. Marcus is a successful entrepreneur with multiple wealth managers, an active interest in alternative investments, and a net worth of over $100 million.

Domestic Staffing

The Martin family came to JDJ for assistance managing their busy lives, which included young children, demanding careers, and multiple homes.

Simplified Yacht

Acquisition of a yacht can be one of the stepping stones you have planned for in your life. Taking care of details, to ensure you enjoy that achievement is our job.


It can be challenging for children of affluence to handle money in a responsible manner. As a result of our long-term client relationships, JDJ often works with multiple generations of a family...

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