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Case Study: Domestic Staffing Support

Domestic Staffing Support

The Martin family came to JDJ for assistance managing their busy lives, which included young children, demanding careers, and multiple homes. Prior to working with JDJ, the Martins employed a nanny and personal assistant, both of whom were paid as independent contractors. When the family decided to hire an estate manager to run their household, they turned to JDJ for help with the search.

Acting as the family’s outsourced human resources department, we partnered with a staffing agency to develop a job description and source qualified candidates. To help protect the Martin family, we conducted background checks and implemented confidentiality agreements for both new and existing employees, and arranged for employment practices liability insurance.

To comply with state law, we also put in place an employment agreement for each staff member. Working with a payroll provider, JDJ set up all employees on payroll to ensure taxes are withheld correctly, overtime is paid according to state or federal law, and the required forms are generated for tax purposes.

We also coordinated with the Martin family’s insurance agent to establish a worker’s compensation policy in case of employee injury on the job, including while traveling. On an ongoing basis, JDJ manages payroll and expense reimbursements, and at Mrs. Martin’s request, delivers performance appraisals and handles terminations. The Martins know they can turn to JDJ with any personnel concern and we will resolve the issue.

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